I’m worried that modern computing is too complicated

Our computing heritage is obnoxiously complicated and full of nuances and edge cases. It’s a wonder that anything can be maintained and not just rewritten.

I’ve been studying the OpenJDK JVM and reading about sneaky locking and it’s an area of code that is fundamentally complicated. Very few people actually understand the JVM’s internals. This knowledge will die out unless replaced by new people who learn the JVM.

OpenJDK is one of the few interpreters that offers true parallelism. I bet the code to support threading is very complicated and rarely touched (with the exception of maybe Loom). I worry that the number of people that have the ability to implement parallelism in an JIT interpreter is very small. It would be nice if the knowledge and skill that went into the JVM could be extracted somehow. The JVM is a marvel of computer engineering and very impressive. I just wonder if parts of it can be written in a higher level language so it becomes easier to understand without losing its performance benefits.

Imagine a basis for JIT interpreters like LLVM that had intermediate form representations that anybody could improve. Or we could implement other languages on the JVM. Python on the JVM would be nice.

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