The world is awful

Suicide rates are going up for men. People are losing their livelihood. Houses are unaffordable for normal people. China is sending Muslims to concentration camps. There is a war on cash.

Everything is set to get that much worse, there’s a lack of compassion from the world’s elites. Poverty hasn’t changed.

Elites are quite simply not doing anything that advances the interests of the poor, sick and disabled. They only work toward things that advance the interests of the wealthy and powerful. So this group of people is shafted by laws and regulations.

Regulation is suffocating entire industries from competing. So most industries have sizable moats around their businesses that keeps competition out. Anti-trust law seems to sleep for years at a time while industries do what they want.

Software is a mess. Software suffers from unnecessary complexity and slowness. Latency is awful.

Labour has lost the capital versus labour war.

I don’t really know what to make of all this. But it’s pretty dire on the front lines.

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